[Sayma-Discuss] Phishing attempts to SAYMA addresses

Charles Wilton cwilton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 09:00:03 EDT 2015

Dear SAYMA Friends,
Recently some Friends associated with SAYMA have received bogus email (from
"maka konan") -- a type of spam known as phishing -- and some Friends have
expressed concern that the email addresses were apparently gathered from
the sayma.org website.

The purpose of this type of spam is to gather valid email addresses, so
please do not respond to them.

Please note that, while irritating, unwanted email cannot harm your
computer provided you do not open any attachments or follow embedded
links.  Just delete without replying.

It is certainly possible to remove all email addresses from sayma.org or to
hide them in a password-protected directory. The downside to these
strategies should be clear: it would become cumbersome or impossible for
those with legitimate need to contact us.

Spam is a nuisance, and email utility spam filters can filter out much of
it, but some will inevitably get through and clutter up our inboxes.  But
as with telephones and postal mail, some unsolicited and unwanted
solicitations come with having publicly listed contact information.

Please let me know (be careful not to "reply all") if you have any specific
questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

SAYMA web manager
web at sayma.org
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