[Sayma-Discuss] A wonderful opportunity for a talented Friend

Charles Wilton cwilton at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 13:18:12 EST 2015

Do you know which end of a camera to look through?
Do you have above average artistic aptitude?
Will you be at SAYMA's gathering this June 9-12?

If you respond affirmatively to these queries, please consider being the
2016 SAYMA photographer. Your job would be to document our beautiful
gathering and beautiful Friends and make your images available to gathering
attendees. Selected photographs of yours would also be used on sayma.org,
where we could really use some good pictures.

Interested yourself or do you know of someone who really ought to do it?
Please be in touch with me at the address below -- don't reply to this list.

Thank you!

Charlie Wilton
Berea Friends Meeting and SAYMA Web Manager
cwilton at gmail.com
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