[Sayma-Discuss] Quakers & Christian Universalism: A Call for Blog Post Writers

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Today, after centuries of Christendom’s affirmations that “Jesus is the answer,” he is free at last to be the question again. After centuries in which Christian adherence served as a conformist cloak of social respectability for many, whatever their misgivings, confusions, and hypocrisies, the unabashed Christian is now rather suspect in growing sectors of western society. Now it is getting interesting! After centuries in the gilded cage of officially sanctioned religion, Jesus is free to be subversive again.

—Douglas Gwyn,
 <http://www.pendlehill.org/product/say-quakers-christ-today/> ‘But Who Do You Say That I Am?’ – Quakers and Christ Today
(Pendle Hill Pamphlet 426, 2014, pp. 4-5)

We are preparing to take  <http://universalistfriends.org/weblog/> Quaker Universalist Conversations in a different direction during March and April. Please consider contributing blog posts on your own perspectives on the paradoxes of Christian universalism.

See our Submission Guidelines <http://universalistfriends.org/submissions/>  
and email us at blog at universalistfriends.org.

- See more at: http://universalistfriends.org/weblog/quakers-christian-universalism.





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