[Sayma-Discuss] Fwd: White Privilege Conference Update and Details and Deadlines for Quakers!!

Charles Wilton cwilton at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 06:25:03 EST 2015

  Dear Midwestern and Southern Quakes,

I know you’ve already heard a bit about the upcoming White Privilege
Conference (WPC) in Louisville, KY March 11-14, 2015.  It’s time—over the
next few weeks-- to make your decision about going and still be able to
take advantage of really deep, early discounts offered to Quakers to make
it more affordable and, maybe, doable.

First and foremost, a reminder of the big picture… WPC is an opportunity to
connect with-- and be challenged by—more like-minded folks of differing
color, age, gender, class and other social identifiers who are committed to
examining issues of privilege and oppression in our own lives and in our
community institutions. There is a focus on examining racial privilege
among the scores of 90-minute workshops, but other workshops will
expand the discussion to all the intersections between privilege and its
impacts--across race, gender, age, class, sexual identity, etc.   Whether
you are white or a person of color, in education or community development,
a person of faith or a community activist, a social worker or in
healthcare, fighting for the environment or for respect and equality for
your social identity -- WPC will have offerings and conversations
of tremendous value for you.

1.    *Making your final decision (and convincing other friends, we hope)
to attend--*  Probably many of you have put off actually making the
decision about whether to attend. Day-by-day now, though, the WPC
website ( *whiteprivilegeconference.com
<http://whiteprivilegeconference.com>* ) is finally getting populated with
information you need to make your decisions. The schedule, keynoter
descriptions, and details on one-day institutes (Wed and Sat) are up to
date.  There are, however, no descriptions of the workshops yet.  I have
attached last year’s list of descriptions of the 90-minute workshops to
give you more a sense of what the conference will feel like and what the
breadth of concerns and topics is.  Many of these same workshops will be
given again in Louisville, tweaked a bit to reflect the thematic focus on
Southern examples and issues.  If you register for the whole, three-day
conference, you can pick a half dozen of these workshops.  You might look
for increasingly challenging topics, or want to find a mix of topics on
personal work and on particular intersections or issues important to your
work in your community.

I have also attached a document with more general information about both
the concept and conference at the end of this e-mail, along with some
testimonials by former participants.  We encourage you to share this
information with others—Meeting Friends and other community justice
activists who understand that racism and the other "isms" are still
embedded in our institutions (including the Society of Friends). We want to
bring together as many of the regional people working on and concerned
about these issues as we can so we can work together more effectively in
the future.

With the events of Ferguson and elsewhere this past year, what could be a
better focus of our time and energy?

 2.    *Critical pre-registration steps to get the deeply discounted Quaker
registration price--*   All Quakers and the staff of Quaker institutions
(FCNL, QVS, AFSC, Quaker schools, etc) are eligible for deep (up to 50+%)
discounts.  However, you must pre-register on the Friends General
Conference (FGC) site *fgcquaker.org/associated-program/ministry-racism
<http://fgcquaker.org/associated-program/ministry-racism>* before February
6, 2015 to get the discount code you will need. That discount code will be
sent out in an FGC confirmation e-mail soon after you pre-register.  *You
must then register, and pay, on the WPC site with the code by February 13
to receive the full discount.*  After February 13, conference registration
prices for most categories rise quickly.  Similarly, registering on the WPC
website without the code will result in you paying full price. It is nearly
impossible to correct that.

3.    *Housing, meals, transportation, and limited financial assistance--*The
online Quaker pre-registration form will also ask you questions about
housing and transportation.    We understand that for most of you in the
surrounding states, housing is your biggest potential expense.  Louisville
Meeting is a small Meeting, but we will try to honor all requests for
Quaker lodging and try to help you keep housing costs down. Available
accommodations will probably be relatively evenly split between 1)
homestays with actual beds (!) for those with more physical limitations and
2) floor space and foam pads for other Friends at the Meetinghouse and its
annex (but we do have plenty of bathrooms, at least!).   If requested on
the FGC pre-registrations, we will help connect Quakers desiring to share a
hotel room at the Galt House  (conference home— ~$140/night, two double
beds.  Piling a bunch of people into a Galt House hotel room gives you the
time and close access to take advantage of all that the conference has to
offer. If you can afford it somehow, I recommend that.

Quaker hosts will have continental breakfast fare only. All dinners are
yours to arrange outside your lodging.  WPC urges you to get out to dinner
in our town, with people you meet in your workshops, and to continue your
conversations.  There are also cultural activities and films every evening
at the conference.  It does not end at 5 pm.

Transportation assistance will be similarly focused and limited. We
(Louisville Meeting) unfortunately cannot commit to make all airport
pickups and daily transport. You will get airport shuttle information from
WPC if you stay at the Galt House.  We would help coordinate possible daily
carpooling with those Quaker participants with cars, and have information
about shuttles and direct public bus routes.

FGC pre-registration has a section about need-based requests for limited
financial aid for Quakers. You may also contact WPC staff through the WPC
web site for possible volunteer jobs at the conference--info tables, etc--
to offset some of the registration costs.  Lastly, remember that FGC is a
co-sponsor of the WPC; this is a Quaker educational activity.  Talk to your
local Meeting or Yearly Meeting about possible financial support if you
need it to attend.

4.    *Conference Spirituality Center, Worship, and Quaker caucuses*--
Louisville Meeting has embraced the tradition for local Quakers to staff a
spirituality center at the conference.  We will have an open room where any
conference participant can come for reflection—or just quiet
decompression--during the conference.  We will facilitate daily morning
unprogrammed worship.  The room will also be a gathering place in the
afternoon for any Quaker caucuses and for the very important consultations
and coordination around where to go for dinners.

 All of us in Louisville Meeting and the broader local organizing committee
hope to welcome you here for the conference.  It's a great opportunity for
personal growth--and to build a network for collaborations long after the
conference ends.

Chris Harmer  (502/899-4119, colonel221 at yahoo.com)
Louisville Friends Meeting, and
Louisville local organizing committee for WPC
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