[Sayma-Discuss] soil carbon post at ecospirit

Bob McGahey rmcgahey at main.nc.us
Sun Nov 1 21:39:51 EST 2015

Thanks to a QEWer's upbraiding me about leaving soil carbon out of my 
discussion of geoengineering in the Anthropocene, I have amended it with 
a second post: http://ecospirit.blogspot.com/.  I have looked at many 
more studies besides Rodale's, which was suggested.

Tomorrow am I leave for DC, where I am ferrying a lifesize replica of a 
blue whale to partake in the Sea Party Coalition's event by the 
reflecting pool (Union Square) Wednesday morning, 10-12.  The Sea Party 
is a coalition of 65 groups trying to prevent oil drilling off the 
Atlantic seabord and the Arctic.

Bob McGahey

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