[Sayma-Discuss] BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) non-violent movement is gaining momentum

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Thu Jan 21 13:58:11 EST 2016

Hello Friends,


2016 and so much news about so many issues.  Municipal water in Flint,
Michigan is lead poisoning its people as the Governor finally admits there
is a problem.   Sarah Palin has announced that she is working to elect
Donald Trump.    China's stock market keeps dropping.   And then there is a
story we don't hear much about that needs our support and attention:   The
BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) non-violent movement against companies
that provide products and services that are used to support the continuing
oppression of the Palestinian people living in the West Bank and Gaza.  


It is so good to see and hear about the many Friends who are supporting our
Muslim neighbors here in the South, even as other Americans are trying to
make them into "the enemy".     We read and hear about how the Muslim
community (mostly Palestinians)  in Israel are being made into the enemy in
that "Holy Land"   After decades of oppression imposed by the State of
Israel (with support by some evangelical Christians in the USA)
Palestinian, especially in Gaza and the West Bank are still suffering.
Yet when Friends  are asked to minute support of  the BDS non-violent
movement  some in our meetings have said "No!" and give as a reason that DBS
is a form of violence.      This has stunned me and for the few years I have
prayed about those statements to see if they were correct.     I am still
unable to understand how a selective boycott against companies that enable
violence against others can be construed as being   violent?        


Sure, economic pressure does cause discomfort to those who a profiting from
selling goods and services that are identified as enabling the destruction
of an entire community.    Removal of those goods and services will make it
harder for the oppressors.   But how does that make it "violent"?
After all, companies can still exist without selling their "weaponized"
wares & services to Israelis.    They can still make profits elsewhere where
their plows are not being turned into swords.       


My friend and fellow Jewish Voice for Peace member, Tome Are has a blog that
most clearly describe how it is that the BDS non-violent movement is gaining
support around the world.      He puts a spotlight on the behavior of a
government that does a lot of good for its Jewish members  but not so much
for those who are Muslims living under its jurisdiction.   Friends in SAYMA
are standing up against racism and religious discrimination here at home in
a big way.       Why can't we do the same for the Palestinian people in


Please take a few minutes and read : http://www.thomas-l-are.blogspot.com/


-- Free

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