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Fri Jul 8 13:21:08 EDT 2016

Hello  AFM and SAYMA Friends Discussion Lists,                   cc:  Chuck

I have missed Chuck Fager's presence at YM since he retired from Quaker
House.    He like to remind Friends that if we want peace we need to "study
war some more".    Happily, his book on this subject has been well received.


He led workshops on how the USA military prepares for and then conducts wars
and asked Friends to learn from one of our most successful (at getting
funded) US governmental organizations.    In that vein, I am sending a link
to a story I had not been aware of that speaks volumes about the "war on
terror" and one reason for the increase in terrorism  (low tech warfare?)
that we are seeing happen around the world. 



-- Free Polazo 

Douglasville, GA 


PS:  Chuck,    Is it time for an updated version of your very important

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