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Hi Friends, 


I hear from more than a few Friends that  “I don’t use Twitter”.    I am thinking that maybe nobody tried to explain why it is still an important tool to learn to use (very easy) if it is important to know what is “really” going on in the world today.  


I use it as a primary news source.   I can select whose tweets I want to receive.   Tweets can have pictures, video and links to the www  . Tweets are sent out by EVERYBODY (it seems)  So, governments, businesses, people, NFP’s,  news organizations, political organizations, religious organizations and newspaper reporters and magazine writers and personalities.      Anyone who wants to be heard and has a twitter account.      I found “Regina Tweeta”  (from JVP Atlanta) this way and now I get to follow her around and read and see what she reports.   As a former reporter for the Atlanta Progressive, I’ve missed hearing her stories.  


Now I can hear from the actual people involved about what is happening instead of just hearing the filtered stories from the big networks.   (btw: I have watched NPR become a “big network” whose “paid ads” are more annoying each month).    


Here is an example of how I used twitter: 

 BLMAtlanta reported that a CBS Atlanta reporter was fired for making inflammatory remarks on his twitter account about the Black Lives Matter protest here in Atlanta.   Here is what he said (not “quoted” and not “reportedly said”)



I wanted to know more about Charles than just this posting so I looked him up on twitter’s search box and found this link which said he was an “Emmy-winning photographer-producer”  

 <http://michaelbaisden.com/alanta-tv-news-producer-fired-threats-rant-unevolved-uncivilized-turds-black-lives-matter/> http://michaelbaisden.com/alanta-tv-news-producer-fired-threats-rant-unevolved-uncivilized-turds-black-lives-matter/


That had a link to AJC.COM  where Charles was listed as a photojournalist and reported that :


“Menefee had previously worked at 11Alive (WXIA-TV). He was nominated for a 2015 Emmy for Ferguson coverage in the category of “General Assignment Report Within 24 Hours” with Matthew Pearl but did not win. (One employee at 11Alive told me the station beefed up security today after the station heard he had lost his job at WGCL-TV. Interpret that as you will.)

In 2012, when Menefee worked at the CBS affiliate WTVR-TV in Richmond, VA,  <http://wtvr.com/2012/06/18/cbs-6-honored-with-12-emmy-awards/> he won an Emmy for best investigative report with Catie Beck.” 


So, in about 3 minutes I was able to learn more about Charles Menefee even though he had already deleted his own twitter account, which was what I actually would have like to see.   One can only imagine what he received in his inbox. … 


One more thing.   You can use twitter on your computer if you don’t have a “smartphone”  (which is actually a very small computer that tries to be a telephone).   


Hope this helps.    


-- Free

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 Follow the handles @Riseupatlanta, @BLMAtlanta, @IgniteKindred, and @JCCFergie.

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