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Hello Friends, 

As many of you know,  our yearly meeting's theme this year was "Unraveling
Racism".   I was unable to attend the forum Sunday, but was happy to see
that the theme was brought back to Atlanta for more Friends and friends of
Friends to experience.   

At SAYMA' first evening presentation there was a very instructive conflict
between two people of color.    Both are led to work towards making the
Religious Society of Friends more friendly to people of color, but are using
completely different means.   My "New York Values" told me this was a turf
battle by people who wanted to occupy the same territory but saw the other
as impeding their ability to do so.    Seeing the conflict during the
Thursday evening session's Q &A and then seeing Friday evening's use of
Friends' clearness process to try and reach a "third way" was a gift to all
who were able to attend.               

I would have liked to see how people with white privilege resolve conflicts
that arise when they attempt to "Unravel Racism" in the white community.
Especially in light of what is happening in our county's presidential
election between presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump and
presumptive Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.    Racism is also cited by
many news organizations as one reason for the "Leave  (the EU)" vote winning
in England.      In the meantime. .

I commend to you this review by reader "Mevahier"  of "Dog Whistle Politics:
How Coded Racial Appeal Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class"
by Ian Haney Lopez :    http://tinyurl.com/zggmbhf  .  You can read more
about the book he is reviewing as well as other reviews at:


-- Free

"No one can be free unless everyone can be free"








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