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Don't just denounce radicalized youth. Engage with them.

By Scott Atran August 15 at 4:46 PM

The Washington Post






This piece is well worth reading:


"But this is not a 'clash of civilizations'; it's a collapse of communities.
Ethno-nationalist violent extremism - as well as jihadi terrorism -
represent not the resurgence of traditional cultures but their unraveling.
Young people unmoored from millennial traditions flail about in search of a
social identity that gives personal significance and glory..


"This is the dark side of globalization. Individuals radicalize while
seeking identity in an increasingly flattened world....


"The 'creative destruction' of our market-based economy, which forces people
to gamble on innovation and change, often comes at steep social cost,
especially for communities and regions that have little time to adapt. New
institutions eclipse spiritual values of traditional communities,
long-standing cultures and religions. Anxiety and alienation along
prevailing political fault lines often erupt in the form of redemptive


"But across cultures, the strongest forms of primary group identity are
bounded by sacred values, such as an unwillingness to sell out one's
religion or one's country at any cost. Such devotion - whether religious or
attached to a secular ideological '-ism' - leads some groups to prevail
despite having considerably less firepower and manpower than the state
armies and police forces they oppose..


"We need a strategy to redirect radicalized youth by engaging with their
passions, rather than simply ignoring or fearing or satisfying ourselves by
denouncing them."







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