[Sayma-Discuss] From Mike Shell | The ACLU is defending net neutrality

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Sun Dec 17 17:00:34 EST 2017

The Federal Communications Commission, led by Trump's hand-picked chairman,
just voted to dismantle our hard-won net neutrality protections. This means
that telecommunications companies will soon be able to dictate how we use
the internet to get information, organize and take action, make purchases,
and stream video.  

But net neutrality isn't dead yet. Now we're taking the fight to Congress.

Each of us needs to raise our voice to push our members of Congress to
represent our interests and reverse the FCC's dismantling of net neutrality.
The future of our free, fair, and open internet is at stake. Will you join
me in the fight? https://www.aclu.org/SaveNetNeutralityTAF  




Michael Austin Shell

2798 Forbes Street

Jacksonville, FL 32205



bright_crow at mindspring.com



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