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Oops.  Excused typo.  



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I have joined when a local friend, whom I had urged to be cc one active in politics invited ME to join a local indivisible group.  LOL.


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Subject: [Sayma-Discuss] shock and awe

I have two new posts, "Shock and Awe" - detailing Trump's disruptive
strategy, and "Into the Breach" -laying out how we are responding in our
conservative NC mountain counties. I deliberately employ military language
and images to convey my awareness that war has been declared on almost
everything we value and love. But the defensive army I invoke is a
"non-violent militia" trained in the art and discipline of non-violent

I particularly want folks to carefully study the Indivisible website I
link in the text.  Then join the one near you.  They are everywhere, the
left's Tea Party movement, sharing a playbook for everything short of
civil disobedience.

Bob McGahey
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