[Sayma-Discuss] Aeon Magazine - "Understanding other religions is fundamental to citizenship"

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 13 10:46:55 EST 2017


Here is a helpful article from the online magazine Aeon: "Understanding
other religions is fundamental to citizenship
enship> ," by Kenneth Primrose <https://aeon.co/users/kenneth-primrose> ,
head of religious, moral and philosophical studies at Robert Gordon's
College in Aberdeen, Scotland. He also runs The Examined Life
<http://examined-life.com/> . 

One crucial way that people can best learn to live with one another is by
increasing their religious literacy. In 1945, the British author C S Lewis
said that one will gain greater insight into other belief systems by
stepping inside and looking 'along' them, rather than looking 'at' them from
the outside. He explained this by analogy. Think of the difference in the
experience of looking at a beam of light through a window, in comparison
with the experience of looking along it. It is from within that we can test
a system's internal consistency and its ability to form and inform the
believer. The idea is to see religion not merely as a set of propositions
held in the head, but, in the words of the Canadian philosopher Charles
Taylor, as a 'lived experience'.






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