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Yes, Roy, I agree that there are many good reasons to end coal production
and health care for miners and their families.  is one of them. 


Having taught Accounting to Coal Miners from West VA at a Technical College
in Eastern Ohio, I am familiar with the costs of workplace accidents as well
as the sad death rates caused by the dangerous workplaces and from back lung
disease.   These are "costs" that are not hardly discussed much.   Not on
the company's books, unless the Feds make them do it.  President Trump will
be removing even those hardly enforced protections.    


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As we look at Justice issues, here is an example of an eco-justice issue in
our midst. 

Yet one more reason why we need to stop our reliance on fossil fuel
extraction for our lifestyle.


SAYMA Earthcare Action Network is exploring eco-justice issues across our


We are interested in hearing about eco-justice issues that you find that are
affecting you meeting.


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Alarming story about the SAF state of heath care in Appalachia.  Kentucky &
VA are especially suffering.  

The decline of the labor movement is not mentioned.   



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