[Sayma-Discuss] NOT FAKE NEWS! Busted: America's Poverty Myths | WNYC

Free Polazzo freepolazzo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 17:46:32 EST 2017

Hi Atlanta & SAYMA F/friends and family,                             

Radio Journalism has been feeding my hunger for investigative reporting for
a long time.  (remember radio?)   

WNYC (my “home town”) has produced a set of 5 audio shows on “America’s
Poverty Myths” that I recommend to you.  4 are less than ½ an hour.  

Following the money or the lack of it helps to understand WHY seemingly
“intractable problems” are not created by the poor, nor can they solve them
on their own..    


-- Free

Douglasville, GA 

Cell - 770-778-8507


“No one can be free unless everyone can be free”





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