[Sayma-Discuss] Interfaith action in a fragmented world - An invitation to write for QUF

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The world is once again being fragmented by fearful, angry politics and
warfare, and religion is often in the mix in dangerous and destructive ways.

Even so, we are seeing a resurgence of people reaching out with hands and
hearts across the supposed boundaries of their faiths-as if these faiths
were simply different extended families in one united race of all beings.


During March and April, we invite our readers to share their stories of such
reaching out, such interfaith action to restore and sustain safety and
justice among their neighbors.

These stories may be about broad-based regional or global efforts, about
efforts within a local community, or about personal experiences of
interaction with other people. The common thread is the mutual determination
to understand, support and embrace each other across boundaries of faith.

Please see details here:





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