[Sayma-Discuss] African business summit in US 'has no African delegates after they are all denied visas

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Tue Mar 21 01:41:09 EDT 2017

Hello  Friends,


Here is some news you may not have seen.   

'There were reportedly no African delegates at a summit about sustainable
development in Africa after they were all denied visas to enter the US. 

The  <http://www.agedsummit.com/> African global economic and development
summit, which takes place every year at the University of Southern
California was particularly quiet this year after about 100 attendees were
barred from entering the country to participate in the event. 

The summit aimed to encourage businesses to invest in Africa and
particularly to support initiative to provide clean energy, tackle the
impacts of climate change and reduce poverty.  " 

The "No Visas" policy that the new Administration is implementing has been
expanded as reported here: 



Let's remember how our membership's ancestors arrived in this country.  Some
came in style more of us didn't and some came in chains.


This refusal to admit Africans is also bad news for those of us working to
reduce carbon emissions and implement other ways to reduce the harmful
effects on the environment of humans doing their "thing".  


Please keep in mind that the clock is running out and that it will be very
difficult for all of us if we cannot change the policies as soon as is
possible.    We need to work as hard in 2018 elections as we do in the
presidential elections.




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