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Sallie B. King, Professor of Philosophy and Religion at James Madison
University <https://www.jmu.edu/philrel/people/king-sallie.shtml>  in
Harrisonburg, Virginia, is the author of many books
and articles on Buddhism, Quakerism, interfaith dialogue, and the
cross-cultural philosophy of religion.


A Quaker's Response to Christian Fundamentalism
istian-fundamentalism was first published as a print pamphlet in November


During the QUF Steering Committee annual meeting sessions in October, we
spoke about what we and other participants, writers and readers across the
globe value personally about QUF. One of us shared the following:


One of the first things that came to me in worship what the value of Sally
King's resource for young people who are confronted with the exclusivist
claims of evangelical Christianity. This piece offers them a grounding in
biblical conversation but also a grounding in our own faith from the
universalist response. This piece and others are a real gift of QUF to


This comment resonated with all of us and stirred us to offer Sallie's essay
again for both new and returning readers.


The piece is a long one and worth reading in its entirety.





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