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Tue Sep 12 23:00:33 EDT 2017

Hi SAYMA Friends, 

AFSC has published in their online blog, "Acting in Faith" a story about the
journey of Emily McGrew, a Young Adult Friend who is a member of Bethesda,
(MD) Monthly Meeting, in Baltimore YM.      Before she become a Quaker,
Emily's journey led her to teach history in a Friends School.      She was
asked questions by her students about nonviolence and how it would work in
the Palestinian struggle for justice.  Her story is a wonderful example of
how SAYMA Friends could make our circle bigger, younger and more diverse by
being more aware of how the intersectionality of several of our concerns is
already addressed in Friends' Testimonies.     

The author, Emily McGrew, spoke to my condition when she said:

"Lauren was born into a different spiritual tradition and spent a long time
around Quakers and Quaker practice before becoming an active member. As a
result, her perspective on Quakerism provides a different insight into what
Quakerism could be. Lauren thinks the tradition of not proselytizing makes
Quakers afraid to be open with the world, but "when people know about
[Quakerism], there are people who then want to be engaged in that." If
Quakers could "own up" to who they are, then more people could see what
Quakers are about and maybe find that those things align with their values."

Read more at AFSC's web blog:   http://tinyurl.com/ycncdczl


-- Free Polazzo

A SAYMA Representative to the AFSC Corporation.

Douglasville, GA


"No one can be free unless everyone can be free"





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