[Sayma-Discuss] "The Healing Practice of Cultural Humility, " by Charlene Leung

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An article from Lion <https://www.lionsroar.com/> 's Roar that is well worth
reading and sharing:


The Healing Practice of Cultural Humility

by Charlene Leung <https://www.lionsroar.com/author/charlene-leung/>  July
16, 2018.


2018-Page-52-1-1.jpg> "Cultural humility is about looking deeper and
discovering the complexity of our cultural inheritance, the values we
learned about ourselves and about others. It's discovering what we've
internalized and embodied from our families of origins, how we grew up, and
our cultural traditions, social identities, life circumstances, and
socioeconomic backgrounds. Cultural humility means uncovering the ways in
which that cultural inheritance impacts how we see ourselves and relate to


"Consider the messages and mixed messages you received while growing up, and
still receive, about gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual
orientation, socioeconomic class, or other distinguishing characteristics of
identity. Where did those messages come from? Books, movies, media, family,
friends, institutions-school, church, work-the totality of our personal
experiences and stories heard and unheard. 


"What was the feeling tone of the messages and mixed messages? What are the
physical, mental, or emotional reactions stored in the body now? How might
these messages and mixed messages affect the relationships we have or have
had with people? And with ourself?"


   Illustration by Joni Majer.






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