[Sayma-Discuss] New look for Jacksonville Friends website | Same http://www.jacksonvillefriends.org/ address

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 8 16:42:21 EST 2018



Announcing a new look for the Jacksonville Friends Meeting website at


With a lot of welcome technical support from Ken Hall, host and techie for
our website since 2014, we have migrated to a new platform a new free
WordPress.org  <http://wordpress.org/>  theme called Ribosome
<https://wordpress.org/themes/ribosome/> .


Here is what the new site looks like.  Our archives, recommended links, and
some other items have not yet been moved from the old site, but the most
important content is here.


1.    The Main Menu links to pages recreated from the old site: HOME
<http://www.jacksonvillefriends.org/> , ABOUT
<https://www.jacksonvillefriends.org/index.php/about/> , HOW TO FIND US
<https://www.jacksonvillefriends.org/index.php/location/> , EVENTS
<https://www.jacksonvillefriends.org/index.php/events/> , and
rex-amber-an-excerpt/> "THE QUAKER WAY" (excerpt from Rex Ambler)

2.    QuakerSpeak VIDEOS can be updated frequently to show YouTube videos
from the QuakerSpeak video project of  <http://quakerspeak.com/> Friends

3.    UPCOMING EVENTS shows the next 5 upcoming events from the calendar,
and visitors can also View All Events
<https://www.jacksonvillefriends.org/index.php/events/>  (only one event has
been entered so far)

4.    The Blog can show announcements, articles, etc.-based on guidelines
yet to be approved by meeting for business.



Image: "Little Pottsburg Creek" behind Pratt Library at Bartram Campus
<https://www.bolles.org/about-us/ourcampuses/bartram-map>  of Bolles School
C Mike Shell 2011


Thanks again to Ken Hall for donating the hosting of our site and for going
on four years of technical support.


Please send comments, suggests, and potential blog posts to me at
bright_crow at mindspring.com.





Mike Shell, Clerk

Jacksonville Friends Meeting

www.jacksonvillefriends.org <http://www.jacksonvillefriends.org/> 


bright_crow at mindspring.com <mailto:jax_quaker17 at earthlink.net> 



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