[Sayma-Discuss] [Sayma-Announce] Printed materials at Yearly Meeting

Errol Hess errol at kitenet.net
Mon May 7 14:20:42 EDT 2018

I did read the materials but didn't notice the printing option.  Tabled 
material is fine with me.

On 05/07/2018 02:03 PM, Liz Dykes wrote:
> SAYMA wants to save trees.  And money, of course.  So this year, we 
> asked folks to indicate on their registration forms if they wanted us to 
> print copies of documents we would normally distribute at business 
> sessions for them.   If not, we assume they planned to download the 
> documents on their laptops, tablets, or phones, or read them in the 
> notebook at the reading table.
> Well, we have 55 adults registered, and only 2 have asked for printed 
> copies of business meeting materials.
> I'm a little worried that this is less an indication of how concerned 
> Friends are for the environment and SAYMA's economy, and more an 
> indication that Friends do not check for changes to registration!
> Please spread the word--we're happy to print materials if they are going 
> to be used.  And email me by May 25 if you want to make a change to your 
> form.  Thanks!
> In friendship,
> PS: Save your money!  Register by May 14 and save the $30 later fee!

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