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Please read and share.

THE FREEDOM TO SEEK SANCTUARY - Lucy Duncan, American Friends Service


“What if, instead of characterizing folks seeking home as ‘threats’ or
‘invaders,’ we understood them to be our neighbors, that our futures are
interlocked and that how they are treated is connected to the well‐being of
us all? What if we understood love as not constrained by borders or walls,
but abundant, and that caring for one another and those most violated by
systemic oppression is the pathway toward liberation for us all? What if we,
as people of conscience and faith, greeted the migrants at the border as our
brothers, sisters, and kin, opened our homes and communities to them, and
greeted them as resourceful contributors to figuring out the planetary
threats we currently face together?”



Mike Shell, Meeting Clerk

Jacksonville Friends Meeting

 <http://www.jacksonvillefriends.org/> www.jacksonvillefriends.org/

2798 Forbes St., Jacksonville, FL 32205

 <mailto:bright_crow at mindspring.com> bright_crow at mindspring.com


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