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We have just republished, by permission, Mary Klein's beautiful essay which
opens the November/December issue of  <https://westernfriend.org/issue/77>
Western Friend.


We cannot live outside of history 

>From the Editor's Desk of Western Friend 



 <https://westernfriend.org/issue/77> Dear Friends: Our bodies cannot live
outside of history, nor can we live outside of history's cruelty, its
"mixing memory and desire." Rowing our boats with our backs toward the
future, we despair at the carnage we watch flowing out from our wakes-oceans
choked by our poisons, lives crushed by our bigotry, truth and kindness
twisted by our greed. Some bits of beauty bob along, too. But it's easy to
view the whole scene as basically grim..


What matters in this moment is how we face this moment. We can see it, or we
can look away. We can admit ownership of the problems and the beauty we have
created, or we can abdicate our responsibility. If we abdicate, though, we
are no Friends of Truth.


Read more <https://universalistfriends.org/weblog/outside-of-history> ..





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