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We have just published a new blog post:


Reintroducing "The Quaker Universalist Reader #1": The 1986 collection
republished in eBook format



pgFjbJWbPIXpJ1uMWeLDSkAZ-b8tFApm9H4iDzxhaD098v3/QUF1150px.png> In 1977, John
Linton delivered "Quakerism as Forerunner" before the Seekers Association in
London. He "suggested that the
<https://www.britannica.com/topic/Society-of-Friends> Religious Society of
Friends is uniquely qualified to serve the many religious seekers who feel
unable, or hesitate, to accept a commitment to any specific denomination or
creed. The lecture challenged Friends to broaden their outlook and to extend
their area of concern" (from the "Introduction" by Winifred Burdick).


 <https://universalistfriends.org/bookstore/quaker-universalism> The Quaker
Universalist Reader #1 is a collection of essays, addresses, and lectures
about Quaker universalist themes, including Linton's talk, originally
published as a pamphlet series by the British Quaker Universalist Group
<http://qug.org.uk/>  (QUG).  


Quaker Universalist Fellowship <https://universalistfriends.org/>  published
that collection in print book format in 1986.  We have now republished it as
the first of three eBook volumes, all downloadable free
<https://universalistfriends.org/bookstore/> .


Here are three of the seven featured essays:


*	John Linton - Chapter I: Quakerism as Forerunner Download as a PDF
*	John Hick - Chapter III: Christ in a Universe of Faith Download as a
PDF <https://universalistfriends.org/file_download/20/Hick_Christ.pdf> 

*         Dan Seeger - Chapter VII: Is Coexistence Possible: Christianity &
Universalism in the Religious Society of Friends
Download as a PDF


Read all the details, including themes and study questions, at




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