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Hi SAYMA Friends,

It's 2019 and I find that I am missing our YM's magazine "Southern
Appalachian Friend" (SAF) !  SAF was a great way for me to keep in touch
with Friends who are not part of my monthly meeting.   I've also learned
from reading about the different meetings in SAYMA that we are more diverse
than anyone might imagine.   Beth has done a wonderful job of editing
and publishing the SAF over many years  I was saddened when I realized
after looking at the 2018-19" SAYMA Positions of Responsibility" to see
that no one had come forward to take on that task.    Yet I miss connecting
with more of what it means to be a Quaker in today's world.     Janet and I
don't get out as much as we used to so that may be why it sees more
important to me now.   Surely SAYMA must have a few people who have been
reporters and/or writers and/or English professors/teachers who could
collect news from SAYMA's meetings and maybe add an article or two and then
ask our Admin. Asst. to send it out?   In the meantime while waiting for
that to happen...

Western Friends, which consists of 3 Yearly Meetings on the west coast have
a joint publication that speaks to my condition.   They also offer
online conversations with Friends on a variety of topics. One can also
 "attend" their weekly lunch meeting for worship online as well.   This is
a good way for those who are homebound to join in a Friendly conversation
that cover a wide range of concerns.  The editor of Western Friend, Mary
Klein, has told me that she welcomes any SAYMA Friend who wish to
participate as way opens.

While not SAF, the Western Friends will provide me with the "fix" that I
crave that helps me to know that "we are not alone".   Check it out...

Free Polazzo
Douglasville, GA

"No mind can be free unless every mind can be free"

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From: Mary Klein, Western Friend <editor at westernfriend.org>
Date: Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 12:18 PM
Subject: God. Cloud. Injustice. -- Quaker conversations.
To: Free Polazzo <freepolazzo at gmail.com>

Talk with Friends Everywhere about what matters.

*Join us in sharing with each other what we've learned from our

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Dear Free,

Join Friends throughout the West (and perhaps beyond) in an online
conversation about:

   - *Friends & Economic Injustice*
   *Thursday, January 10, 2019*
   More details below.

Explore notes and recordings of these recent online conversations among

   - *Religious Diversity among Friends*
   *Friends talked about talking about God in their Quaker meetings;
   October 11, 2018.*
      - Notes here.
      - Video recording here.
      - Background reading here.

   - *Online Directories for Friends Meetings*
   *Friends talked about maintaining contact information for yearly
   meetings; Nov. 8, 2018.*
      - Notes here.
      - Video presentation of free, online Quaker directory tool here.

*And now, more details about . . .*

   - *Friends & Economic Injustice*
      - *Thursday, October 11, 2018 *
      - *6:30 PM Pacific / 7:30 PM Mountain*
      - *90 Minutes*
      - *"Western Friend Connect" Online*

   - *Background reading HERE*

   *Queries for the conversation:*
   - In “A Plea for the Poor,” John Woolman wrote, “The Creator of the
   earth is the owner of it. . . As he is kind and merciful, we as his
   creatures . . . are so far entitled to a convenient subsistence that no man
   may justly deprive us of it . . .  [But] some claim a much greater share of
   this world than others . . . [He] who with a view to self-exaltation
   causeth some . . . to labor immoderately . . . acts contrary to the
   gracious design of him who is the true owner of the earth . . .”
   As bosses and as workers, how well do you think Friends are following
   “the gracious design” of the Creator of the earth?
   - In his book *Quakernomics* – which concerns the dominance that Quakers
   held over the manufacturing and financial sectors of England in the early
   decades of the industrial revolution – Mike King argues, “Quakernomics was
   an ethical capitalism. But it was religious, voluntarist, and
   paternalistic. Such a capitalism no longer fits the modern world . . .
   [Only] big government is a player of sufficient means to keep the evils of
   big capitalism in check . . .”
   How well do you think Friends are contending with “the evils of big
   capitalism” today?

*Explore previous online conversations:*

   - Cultivate the Quaker Experience - Series

Also, join us in:
*Lunch-hour Worship every Thursday*:

   - 11:30 AM Pacific / 12:30 PM Mountain
   - 60 minutes
   - Arrive when you can. Depart when you must.
   - In the *“Family Room”* of
   *Western Friend Connect*

*Technical support*
Follow this link for a “quick guide” to Western Friend Connect.
Follow this link for live technical support
the video-conferencing provider that supports Western Friend Connect.

I hope to meet with you online soon!

Mary Klein
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 *And . . . a poem . . .*

*California Autumn 2018*
by Claudette Cervinka

    dry flame torches
lives cindered into darkness
    simmer to nothing

    rain-wash fans the air
clouds move,
        seeds mud-soaked
    blinding sun angle

    fall color cracks light
shimmers leaves away
    shifts inner shadows  . . .

*Claudette Cervinka is a member of Davis Friends Meeting in California.*
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