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We have just published a redirect to Mary Klein's "From the Editor's Desk"
column in the January/February 2019 issue of Western Friend:


"On weapons," by Mary Klein

"From the Editor's Desk," Jan/Feb 2019 Western Friend


Mary Klein <https://westernfriend.org/author/mary-klein>  has a gift for
going to the essence of a concern and expressing it simply and powerfully. I
encourage Friends to read her essay
<https://westernfriend.org/article/weapons>  in the January/February 2019
issue of  <https://westernfriend.org/issue/78> Western Friend.


"Inside our fortifications, ideally, scarcity and excess are minimized as we
"give us this day our daily bread;" but in actuality, scarcity and excess
are the pumping pistons of empire, trampling our planet today.."


Read more <https://westernfriend.org/article/weapons> ..



Mike Shell


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