Quakers in Conflict

Larry Ingle lingle at cecasun.utc.edu
Thu Jul 9 13:44:37 JEST 1998

Because some readers of this list probably responded to a survey I
conducted a couple of years ago and to let others know of its
availability, I am pleased to announced that the paperback second edition
of Quakers in Conflict:  The Hicksite Reformation, originally published in
1986 and long out of print, has appeared under the imprimatur of Pendle
Hill Publications.  Priced at only $10, it is the first scholarly study of
the major division among North American Quakers, the one that remains the
basis for later schisms among members of the Religious Society of Friends.  

With the exception of a new preface, this paperback edition's text has
been little changed beyond correcting, I hope, all of the typos that
dotted the original printing.  It can be acquired from any of the usual
Quaker book outlets or directly from Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA, 19086,

Larry Ingle       Larry-Ingle at utc.edu
Chattanooga Meeting (SAYMA)

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