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Fri Jul 10 15:30:41 JEST 1998


A chemical company will pay $10.00 per five-gallon bucket for triangles of
fabric, so get your group going with scissors and old fabric because we don't
know how long this opportunity will be available.

· Use any fabric or clothing except sweaters and socks
· It can be worn out or stained
· Cut five-inch wide strips of fabric, then cut the strips into five-inch
squares, cut the squares diagonally in half into irregular triangles
· The dimensions do not need to be exact (they can be a little "off")
· Store them in paper or plastic bags and bring them to the Material
Assistance Program Center; the company will measure them into buckets
· Copy this and post it any place; give copies to everyone you can think of….
· IDEA:  cut a 5" square pattern from cardboard or plastic to use as a guide;
draw off the squares roughly with chalk or marker before cutting
· Remember to donate large pieces of good quality fabric to the MAP center for
making clothing 
· Remember to cut  5" or 7" quilt  squares from your small pieces of good
quality fabric for the MAP center (these would be a priority over using fabric
for the scrap triangles above)

Ann Parks
Director of Material Assistance Program
American Friends Service Committee
606 East Springfield Road
High Point, NC  27263
Phone:  336-885-6921

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