Hurricane Mitch - Recovery

Seaside Guest House friends at
Sun Nov 1 14:32:23 JEST 1998

Message to all from Cayo, Belize (up in the hills).

This must be a short access right now. We survived,
but have been trapped up here by flooded bridges. Dave is going back to
the city today to asses whatever damage at the Seaside (the busses can
get through. Leonard will stay in Cayo for now and I will be driving
back tomorrow if the bridges are passable...otherwise, I will get back
as soon as possible. We need to get the guesthouse going again as soon
as possible since I am no longer teaching at the University. Will be in
touch again once we get back and the dust settles...or in this case the
water clears.

Thanks for holding us in the light and keeping us in your prayers.

Peace and love to all...

John, Leonard and Dave

At this

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