Belize up-date - of sorts

Seaside Guest House friends at
Tue Nov 3 21:58:42 JEST 1998

Just a quick note from Belize...

Thanks to all for your expressions of concern and for your prayers.
David and I are back at the Seaside trying to sort things out and get up
and running again. Leonard stayedup in Cayo to wontinue explorations for
Friends Demonstration Farm, Learning Resource Center and Retreat.

We are all very thankful here in Belize that we were spared major
catastrophy and are saddened by the devestation and huge loss of life in
our sister countries.

I have a big stack of e-mail to deal with and will as soon as
possible...we are still trying to get tings sorted out here...urdent
messages will be answered in the next day or so and I'll send out
another general up-date as to our situation.

Thank you all again for your caring and I'll be in touch again soon.

Peace and love to all...John - Friends Services Internationsl at the
Seaside Guest House - Belize City.

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