How you found your Friends meeting

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Mon Nov 16 22:00:59 JEST 1998

Charleston (WV) Friends meeting is having one of its periodic introspective
phases, during which we inquire whether we are hiding our Light 'neath a
basket.  We are concerned about the relative dearth of newcomer.  We do not
currently have a meetinghouse, phone listed in the Meeting's name, or church
directory listing.  We wonder how seekers who don't read Friends Journal would
find us.  Two questions from that for SAYMA list readers:

1.  How did you/how do most of the people who come to your Meeting find out
about it?

2.  What kinds of outreach are Meetings in SAYMA using to let Friends,
friends, and other seekers know of their presence?  What has been most

Knowing how spam can multiply, I promise no followup questions on the general
listserv.  If individuals would like to receive a summary of the results of
this inquiry, let me know when you respond.


Charles Schade
Charleston, WV

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