Jan. 30 Representative Meeting Agenda

Errol Hess errol at kitenet.net
Sat Oct 31 10:31:52 JEST 1998

Here is the tenative agenda for the Jan. 30 Rep. meeting in Atlanta.  If
you have corrections or additions, please contact Clerk Penny Wright, 1106
Caldwell Lane, Nashville, TN 37204; 615-298-1385;
pennywright at earthlink.net

	P.O. Box 1164
	Bristol, TN 37621-1146
	(423) 764-1625
	errol at kitenet.net

	Agenda--Winter Representative Meeting #92
	January 30, 1999, Atlanta

10 am  Meeting for Worship

Review of Ministry and Nurture Committee Items		Edie Patrick 
							or Jane Goldthwait
Agenda Review						Penny Wright

Approval of Fall Rep. #91 Minutes			Willard Vaughan

Administrative Assistant's Report			Errol Hess

Treasurer's Report					David Ciscel
Nominating Committee Report				Lee Ann Swarm

FGC Report							

12:30  Lunch

Report regarding FWCC funding COAL			Kathy Burke

Report on RSVP						Celo meeting 

SAYF Steering Committee Report

Report from Ministry and Nurture Committee		Edie Patrick
	College Age Friends				or Jane Goldthwait

4 pm  Adjourn

We of course need to know who will be doing the FGC report, SAYF steering
Committee report, etc.  So let us know.


Errol Hess

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