British Leaders Say Prison Doesn't Work

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Fri Sep 11 12:56:19 JEST 1998

Hi Friends,

Some interesting news from England about prisons.  As we see a widening gap
between the haves and
have-nots in this country, we see more and more prisons built . . .to no
avail, except to warehouse
"undesirables" or "unnecessary" members of our communities.   Is this is a
concern that SAYMA Friends would be interested in (or are currently) pursuing?

Are there Friends in SAYMA who see prison reform/restorative justice as a
calling?   If so, please e-mail me your interest and any local involvement
you may have.   Please pass this message on to others in SAYMA who may not
be on this list.   

We could perhaps support each other, as way opens.  Perhaps an interest
group at Yearly Meeting in 1999 could be organized?   If there is a sizable
enough group that is interested, I would handle the details to make it happen.

Yours In the Light,

Free Polazzo
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>Subject: British Leaders Say Prison Doesn't Work  
>>From the British Broadcasting Company (BBC):
>United Kingdom
>'Prison Doesn't Work', Members of the UK's Parliament Say 
>Community Work May Be Better Than Jail, Members of Parliament Are Set to
>Members of the British Parliament are expected to report that sending
>criminals to prison may not be the best way to protect the public. 
>The influential cross-party Home Affairs Select Committee of the Parliament
>is likely to call on courts to send fewer people to jail. 
>The committee's inquiry was set up largely because of the concern that the
>population in England and Wales had increased by more than half in five
>The consequent strain on the prison system and its failure to rehabilitate
>inmates meant that a search for acceptable alternatives was inevitable. 
>The committee, which includes three Conservative Members of Parliament, is
>expected to recommend the courts send fewer people to prison, which was
>described in witnesses' testimony as costly and largely ineffective.  It is
>expected to say that greater use should be made of community sentences. 
>These Membrs of Parliament are thought to believe that these sentences
>provide a better chance of weaning offenders away from a criminal lifestyle
>and so are more likely to protect the public in the long-term. 
>However, the committee is also likely to say that prison must be used for the
>more serious and persistent offenders. 
>The committee may also say that there should be increased powers to jail
>these types of criminal as at present only about a quarter of people who
>break their probation orders are sent back to court.
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