Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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>Subject: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
>To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of  Human
>Rights, Amnesty International is collecting signatures for a pledge to
>support this very important United Nations declaration. Amnesty already
>has 3 million signatures (real and virtual) world wide, and wants 8
>million (which would be 1% of the world's population).  The UN Secretary
>General has already agreed to receive the pledge as a tangible statement
>of the people of the world's commitment to an international agenda of
>human rights.
>The simplest way to add your name to the pledge is to send an e-mail to:
>     udhr50th at amnesty.org.au
>     Put YOUR NAME in the SUBJECT and the following text in the message:
>     "I support the rights and freedoms in the Universal Declaration of
>     Human Rights for all people, everywhere."
>or go to AI's website at
>Pass this message to as many people as you can.  The emails need to be
>received by December 10, 1998.
>Liz Perch
>Conference Coordinator
>Friends General Conference
>1216 Arch Street #2B
>Philadelphia, PA  19107
>lizp at fgc.quaker.org

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