Friendly Woman to be published by SAYMA women

Peggy Bonnington bonnipeg at
Mon Aug 30 21:39:48 JEST 1999

Short Introduction ~ I'm using a variety of email info sources in an attempt
to reach as much of our yearly meeting as possible.  Some of you may receive
more than one copy ~ others may have outdated addresses that will bounce it
back.  Assistance from anyone receiving this is humbly requested in sharing
it among other Friends at your meeting and in your area.

THANKS, Peggy Bonnington

To SAYMA's Friendly Women:

While you may or may not have explicitly volunteered to work on Friendly
Woman, a magazine with a focus on Quaker women's issues, someone among us
thought that you might have some time/talent to share and has put you on
this mailing list.  Many of you have expressed your excitement about having
our Yearly Meeting produce this magazine for the next two years; so with the
response we've had so far, a group of us saw the way clear to agree to take
this on.  Representatives met with Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting women at the
FGC Gathering in July to get more details of what would be required of us.

We are planning an organizational meeting at the Friend's Meetinghouse in
Chattanooga on Saturday, September 11th starting at 10:00am.  Bring
something simple to share for lunch, and bring your ideas and spiritual
leadings.  We will need to plan topics for upcoming issues and divide the
work among us.  We will also need original essays, stories, poems and
artwork after the Chattanooga meeting.  If we can get together face-to-face
just once to get this project rolling we will have a much better sense of
who we are as a group, and what we might accomplish with Friendly Woman over
the next two years.  You do not have to be present in Chattanooga to
volunteer, nor do you need to have an e-mail address to
work with us.

Just reply to Peggy Bonnington <bonnipeg at>, or (615) 647-9284,
if you plan to be with us in Chattanooga.  (Also, please indicate whether
you will need hospitality on the evening of Friday, September 10th, or
Saturday, September 11th).  If you are unable to attend  but would like to
help out, please tell us what you would most like to do and hold us in your
prayers on the 11th.

Job descriptions for Friendly Woman were posted earlier this summer; let
us know if you'd like a copy sent to you.

            SAYMA Friendly Woman Birthing Committee:

            Penny Wright, Nashville MM - pennywright at
            Peggy Bonnington, Nashville MM - bonnipeg at
            Kathleen Mavournin, West Knoxville, MM - Kmavournin at
            Ellen Johnson, Athens MM - ellenj at
            Janet Minshall, Anneewakee Creek WG - jhminshall at
            Nancy Whitt, Birmingham MM - nmwhitt at

PS   A new listserve is now set up for those interested in working with
Friendly Woman.   To join send a blank e-mail to
sayma-fw-subscribe at .
After that, if you address a  message to  sayma-fw at  it will
automatically be shared with our publishing network.

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