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Something came over e-mail this morning that I may not have 
forwarded: The moon (for reasons which I forget) on 
December 22 will be the brightest in 133 years and 
brighter than it's going to be for the next 133. N.

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999 09:07:23 -0800 Pashta Marymoon 
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> Dear Janet et al,
> 	Yes, I will be focusing of this new movement at the Solstice.
> Solstice and fullmoon (I hear - the brightest in over 100 years) are on
> the same day. I am doing the fullmoon ritual for our circle, and I have
> chosen to focus on the 'midwife' aspect of the Goddess - the 'unseen hands
> that guide all processes of transition'. 
> 	Since the Midwife's focal part in
> the process is during the labour, rather than what happens after the
> birth, we will do our Solstice/fullmoon ritual on the night of the 21rst,
> and our focus will be the transformation of old into new - 'midwifing' in
> our own hearts/minds, not only new millenium, but a new stage of growth in
> humyn development. Included in this will be Starhawk's Declaration of the Five
> Sacred Things (developed from the Declaration of the Four Sacred Things,
> at the beginning of her book 'The Fifth Sacred Thing' with her permission)
> and David Susuki's Declaration of Interdependence.
> 	To you all, I send all blessings of Hannakuh, Kwenza (not sure of
> spelling), Yule/Solstice and Christmas. May it give birth to a radical new
> light to all of us and our world! 
> (P.S. I also remember being the kind of cell Starhawk describes, in the
> early eighties, and the magick then of wymyn bonding together - our
> small circle of the 'Modern Minoans', for a demonstration against
> Canadian participation in the Cruise missile system).
> All blessings with the gestating of the New Year!!!
> 	(until the birthing time of the Solstice)
> Pashta MayrMoon
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