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The SAYMA office has received --

Position Announcement
Director of Field Education
& Student Services
Earlham School of Religion
Richmond, Indiana

(from a 10-1-99 letter from Jay W. Marshall)

Position Description

"The responsibility of this appointment will be to oversee the Field
Education program and the office of Student Services.  Qualifications for
this position include significant ministry and leadership experience,
demonstrated ability for critical theological reflection, a basic
theological education, and thorough familiarity with the Religious Society
of friends.  Substantive additional theological (Ph.D. or the equivalent) or
clinical (C.P.E. Supervisor or the equivalent) preparation are preferred.

"As Director of Field Education, the Appointee bears responsibility for
teaching and administering the Field Education seminar and for teaching the
course, "Discernment of Call and Gifts for Ministry."  The possibility of
teaching an occasional additional course could also be considered.
Approximately two-thirds of the appointee's load will be administering the
Field Education portion of the position.

"In the context of ESR as a Quaker Seminary, the Appointee will work with
students from the wide variety of Quaker traditions, as well as students
from other denominations.  Students at ESR seek a variety of ministries....
This calls for a complex program of working with students finding the right
site for their ministry and of training a wide variety of supervisors
outside ESR.

"In the Field Education Seminar, the Appointee facilitates the integration
by students of the various studies they have had at ESR with the practical
learning that is taking place at the site.  Various dimensions of this
learning will need to come to the fore....  The Appointee must be a person
whose training and experience makes him or her at home in the variety of
disciplines used for the preparation of ministers.

"The academic context in which this integration takes place is the
Congregational Study that each student must do of the site, ...and the case
studies that students must bring from their sites into the Field Education
seminar.... The Appointee, therefore, must be prepared in, or willing to
learn, the academic discipline of Congregational Studies, as well as
experienced in the use of case studies and verbatims in seminar settings.
It will be the Appointee's responsibility to guide the Field Education
program so that it continues to improve in its ability to help ESR fulfill
its mission, namely, to prepare 'women and men of all branches of Friends
and other traditions and faiths for leadership that empowers and equips the
ministry of others.' "

"As Director of Student Services, the Appointee will function as a contact
for referral of students who are experiencing non-academic problems of a
non-harassment nature.  The Appointee would also develop resources useful in
ministry placement for graduating seniors.  Earlham School of Religion is an
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer.  Applications from Quakers,
women, African Americans, and other racial minorities are encouraged.

Vitas should be sent to :
Lonnie Valentine
Earlham School of religion
228 College Avenue
Richmond, IN 47374

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