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The SAYMA office has received --

Grants Announcement
Elizabeth Ann Bogert Memorial Fund
for the Study and Practice of Christian Mysticism
Friends World Committee for Consultation
Philadelphia, PA

Grants for the Study or Practice of Christian Mysticism

Overseers of the FWCC Elizabeth Ann Bogert Memorial Fund make grants of up
to $1000 for the study or practice of Christian mysticism.

Proposals -- Proposals should include a description of the project, the
specific amount requested, how it will be used, other sources of funding,
and plans for communicating the results to others.

To Apply -- Send seven copies of your proposal to Michelina and Vinton
Deming, 4818 Warrington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143, 215-727-4376.  Ask two
or three people who are familiar with your project and with your ability to
carry it out to send letters of reference directly to the Demings at the
above address.

Deadlines -- Proposals and references are due by March 1, 2000.  Decisions
will be made in May; grants will be sent in June.  Recipients are asked to
send a progress report within a year.

Recent Funding -- Grants were recently give for:  Investigation into the
Christian mysticism revealed at Nag Hammadi, Egypt; Study of Christian
mysticism in Greek Orthodox iconography; A handbook for leading workshops in
contemplative prayer; A pilgrimage to Taize, an ecumenical Christian
community in France.

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