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Thanks for you contribution to this Shelia.  As for why you are on the
list, I don't remember how you got on it either.  If you want off, let me
know.  This has nothing to do with it, but I do like sending stuff to
someone in Charlotte, as we attended meeting there for 10 years and feel a

Bradley Anderson

Message text written by Shelia Bumgarner

As a member of Charlotte Friends Meeting, I've never been sure why I 
receive email from Columbia because I didn't sign up for it. However,
the topic is an intriguing one. This is how I handle Christmas for the
most part as the only Quaker in my family. My immediate family is small 
but I have extended family members as in former neighbors, etc. For the 
family, I try and discover one gift that the person really wants but just
will not buy for themselves. I have a set amount that I will spend on 
each person. This year my niece told her mom that she would like a gold 
cross. It just so happens I have been saving my mother's cross for my 
niece for the right occassion. Another time, I made presents when money
was really tight. For my 79 year old father, I redo old pictures of the
family and other events in his life and have them framed. As for the 
extended family of friends, fruit, flowers and hand made items are always

There are all sorts of crafts children could do as in making ornaments, 
cookies, jars of assorted beans for soup, etc. or
Painting pottery and having it fired at one of those paint your own shops.
Making beaded necklaces and bracelets. The list is endless. 

Shelia B.
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