Winter Song

Mary Calhoun moriah at
Tue Dec 21 23:03:46 JEST 1999

Dear fFriends,

Best wishes of the winter festivals to you all!

Last winter my cat waiting for me in the driveway under solstice sky gave me
these words, and I sent them out in the spirit of giving the beautiful tune
back -- with better words -- to the extinct Huron people.  This winter comes
a second verse.

Winter Song
(Tune:  Huron Carol)

Near sliver moon of shortest day, when mostly birds were gone,
on quiet feet came furry ones to see trees thin and long.
Above their ears the stars shone dim,
and crouching toothlings heard them sing,
"Snow comes white in the night, deep, soft and still.
Under it we breathe and dream."

On shortest days when sun stood still along our hickory ridge,
behind bare limbs thin cloud shone rose and vigil lit our eyes.
The wise ones from our dreams kept watch,
and spruce buds rode hard wind in song,
"Lambs come long into snows; milk, gift of cold.
Fires of watching call the sun."



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