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Please let young Friends and youth leaders in your meetings about our
Quaker Youth Seminar on the Peace Testimony.

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Greetings Friends,

   This is information for Young Friends concerning our annual Quaker
Youth Seminar.  Please pass it along to interested Young Friends.  Happy
holidays and a joyful new year.

In the light,

Rachel Shaw
Program Coordinator, William Penn House

*******************************Quaker Youth Seminar
******************************     At William Penn House
                            Living Our Faith: The Quaker Peace Testimony
in the Twenty-First Century

Greetings Young Friends! The time has come for our annual Quaker Youth
Seminar.  From February 19 to 21, 2000, Young Friends in their junior
and senior years of high school are invited to join special guests and
William Penn House staff for a three day intensive exploration of the
Quaker Peace Testimony. William Penn House is a Quaker seminar and
hospitality center located in the heart of Washington, DC.

 "What is the Quaker Peace Testimony?"
 "What are its origins?"
 "What does it mean and why is it important?"
 "How can I apply it to my life?"

These queries and others are addressed in the Quaker Youth Seminar by 1)
examining the historical roots of the Peace Testimony, 2) conversing
with Staff Members of the House of Representatives, 3) touring the
Holocaust Memorial Museum, 4) meeting with guest speakers to discuss the
importance of  the Testimony in their lives.

Guest Speakers:
 - Robert Lawrence Smith, author of A Quaker Book of
-  Max Carter, member of North Carolina Yearly Meeting,
   Professor and Quaker Youth Leadership Program Director
   at Guilford College
-  Ben Richmond of Indiana Yearly Meeting and
   Editor of Quaker Life Magazine
-  Washington Area Young Adult Friends
-  Bette Hoover, American Friends Service Committee- DC, Help
Increase the Peace (HIP) trainer
-   Priscilla Adams and Suzanne Day, members of Philadelphia Yearly
Meeting, War-Tax Concerns  and activists
-   Staff members of  Representative Rush Holt, D/NJ,
    attender of Princeton Friends Meeting
-  Staff members of  Representative John Lewis, D/GA,
    lead co. sponsor of  the Religious Freedom  Peace Tax
    bill in Congress

The Seminar begins on February 19th at 11:00 am and ends at 12:30 pm on
the February 21st.  Students are required to pay a total of $50 per
person for meals, lodging and programming fees.
A registration fee of $20 per person is required by January 25th, 2000.
The balance of $30 is due upon your arrival.  For further information
and to register, please contact Rachel Shaw, Program Coordinator,
William Penn House.
 William Penn House
 515 East Capitol St, SE
 Washington, DC 20003
 Phone: (202)543-5560
 E-mail: dirpennhouse at pennsnet.org
 Web: http://www.Quaker.org/penn-house

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