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Wed Dec 22 15:17:32 JEST 1999

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 032
SAYMA Friends in Unity with Nature -- regional network forming
Jan 22, 2000, meeting in Atlanta, GA

<|>  an invitation letter from Kim Carlyle, Asheville (NC) Monthly Meeting
<|>  please call or email if you have questions or plan to go!

To all SAYMA Friends who share a concern for our environment:

Several Friends have agreed to meet concurrent with SAYMA Representative
Meeting in Atlanta on 1/22/2000* to discuss the possibility of forming a
Yearly Meeting Committee to work/network on environmental concerns. You are
invited to join us.

I see a SAYMA FUN Committee (or whatever name we choose) as a loose network
of concerned Friends who would communicate regularly and could come together
as needs arise for education and for support on shared issues. While many
regional and national organizations are working to improve the environment,
none has our unique spiritual perspective. FCUN certainly can provide
general support, but when we have regional concerns (e.g., airsheds and
watersheds), we should coordinate locally. Among the benefits of working
together (in no special order):

1) We would raise the level of environmental awareness within Yearly Meeting
and give a boost to FCUN.

2) We could pool resources for specific issues.

3) We could offer educational programs/forums to one another.

4) We could update each other about local achievements. Just knowing that
other Friends in the region are active on environmental issues will
encourage our work.

5) Friends in small meetings / worships groups (not large enough to support
their own committees) could join efforts with other Friends.

6) We could collaborate on Yearly Meeting workshops/presentations/displays.

7) We could become active with FCUN's new Ecological Public Policy

8) We could work to raise the priority of environmental concerns within

We'll keep it loose for now.  No commitments.  It will be good just to meet
with other Green/FUN Friends. We'll play it by ear.  We'll see what happens.

We'll adopt bylaws at our second meeting (just kidding).

Please call or email if you have questions and also if you plan to join us
so we can get some idea of numbers.

Kim Carlyle, 828/626-2572, kcarlyle at

*(AA's note:  snow date for Rep Meeting is Jan 29, '00)

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