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Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Fri Dec 24 08:06:02 JEST 1999

The SAYMA office has received --

Video available for loan
Free in every PO Box, from...
Campus Crusade for Christ Internat'l
San Bernardino, CA

<|>  83 minutes, color, Warner Bros. release, rated G

<|>  program content (c) 1979, Inspirational Films, Inc.

<|>  "created by the Cannes Film Festival award-winning producer John Heyman
and a team of specialists.  Researched for five years and filmed in over 200
location in the Holy Lands"

<|>  "Meticulous attention to authenticity" -- Time Magazine

<|>  "A masterpiece...in color, motion, and speech" -- Fulton J Sheen, Prior
Archbishop, Roman Catholic Church

<|>  "fascinating...a vivid portrayal" -- Rev. Billy Graham

<|>  more info at www.jesusvideo.org

<|>  to borrow it, contact the SAYMA office --
Mary Calhoun, Admin. Assist., moriah at preferred.com
540-628-5852 (machine), "in-person" phone hours Tue & Thu 5-7:30
PO Box 1164, Bristol, TN 37621-1164

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