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Mon Dec 27 15:43:18 JEST 1999

The SAYMA office has received --   
June 2000 Conference Announcement
"Spirituality in Action" especially seeks
Quaker teachers in public and non-Quaker schools
Earlham College
Richmond, Indiana

(from a 11-15-99 letter from Douglas C. Bennett)

"This June 22-25 on the Earlham campus, we will host and co-sponsor a
conference entitled "Spirituality in Action:  Quakers in Education in the
New Millennium" with the Friends Association in Higher Education (FAHE) and
Friends Council on Education (FCE).

"Our featured speaker will be Parker Palmer, a vital and noted Quaker
educator, speaker, and workshop leader.

"We are especially eager to invite Quaker teachers who teach in public
schools (or schools that are other than Quaker).  We are making a special
effort to see that this conference addresses their hopes and concerns."

For more information, contact:

Conference Registrar
Earlham College
Richmond, Indiana 47374-4095

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