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> Dear FNs,
> I have "lurked" on this listserve for a while as a quiet observer, but
> the request for introductions inspires me to write.  I'm Gwyneth
> Cliver, a member of Birmingham Friends Meeting (BFM.)  I just graduated
> from Guilford College a month ago, where I majored in math and German
> with a concentration in peace and conflict studies.  I have attended
> BFM since I was 13, and I attended Friendship Friends Meeting while in
> Greensboro.  At Guilford, I was a member of the Quaker Leadership
> Scholars Program (QLSP), a program that seeks to support Quaker
> students who wish to be leaders in the Society or to express their
> Quakerism outside of the Society.  That's a summary of my Quaker bio.
> Oh, if anyone's interested, a close friend from Guilford has started a
> listserve for young Friends, but people of all ages have joined.  
> If you're interested, you can join by sending an email to 
> yaquaker-subscribe at
> or go to the website,
> .
> In Peace,
> Gwyneth Cliver
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