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Tue Jun 15 02:08:50 JEST 1999

Ellen, thanks for taking the responsibility to sharing and passing along
information about this new opportunity for SAYMA women.  I'm entering many
new email addresses to send this, in hopes of gaining a broader base of
interested SAYMA women who might be interested in taking on this challenge.

If we have 8 issues for which we're responsible, I think we might want to
divide them up more specifically than just the three meetings you mentioned.
We are so widespread, which makes an endeavor of this sort the more
challenging.  I'm seeing (possibly) the following as potential issue
originators:  Nashville;   Memphis;  Atlanta;  Asheville / NC area Friends;
some combination of Chattanooga, West Knoxville, Cookeville, Cleveland,
Crossville (Cookeville possibly helping Nashville).  That COULD be a
possible 5 issues, if there are "takers."  The Columbia / SC Friends might
be interested as well (#6), as well as potentially Charleston WV (#7).
Birmingham / Huntsville / Royal is another resource. Tri-Cities and Berea
are also there ~ to work with another meeting or  whatever.  Unfortunately I
lost my main SAYMA email address list when we had our hard drive upgraded,
or I would be able to send this to others (reaching all the meetings) as
well.  I will begin looking for my hard copy of email addresses tomorrow &
replugging it, so we can send this out to all SAYMA areas for feedback.
We'll need all the help we can get.

Like you, I don't feel I can take on the whole thing / major overall
oversight  (general coordinator).  It would be so much easier (with our wide
geography) to work with an area group (monthly meeting or meetings) on one
issue.  I can see a number of things I'd be interested in doing, as long as
someone with more CONSISTENT time (retired?  there ARE some of them) was
providing the consistent day-by-day keeping up / coordinating.

This would be a very big undertaking, but I think we'd stand to gain
immensely  from it / grow with it.  I hope we will be able to find enough of
a support base to be able to accept the challenge.

I've emailed a number of Friends in Nashville meeting, with whom I'd be
working ~ also sent along some word to some Chattanooga Friends.  I don't
have ready access to Charleston or Columbia, both of whom might have a solid
base to pull from for such a project.  I think anyone who knows of other
women in SAYMA who might be interested (or who might not be, but would know
someone else who might be) should email to all.  Anyone who is interested in
ANY capacity should make this known to us very soon.  I don't remember if
you told us a deadline to make our committment, Ellen.  But I'm definitely
willing to take on trying to compile our list of interested women, if I hear
of responses.  And we can begin to finetune our mailing list depending on
who resonds.

Again, thanks for being our prime motivator here.
Love, Peggy

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Date: Monday, June 14, 1999 9:17 AM

>I am posting below the job descriptions for Friendly Woman.  If you would
>let me know which ones you or other women in your meeting would be willing
>to take on, I will forward a summary back to you and we can decide if we
>have enough commitment to take this on in SAYMA.  The commitment need not
>be for the full 2 years.  Recommended terms are as follows:
>2 consecutive issues (have a backup person):
>general coordinator, mail clerk/general secretary, obscurer/materials
>sec., editorial coord.
>1 year:  subscription database, treasurer, promotion coord., mailing
>coord., publisher.
>others vary and we can certainly change to make this fit our needs.  I
>think it would be a good idea to rotate the editorial committee between
>monthly mtgs and that at least Atlanta, memphis, and nashville would be
>able to do an issue (there would be 8 issues).
>I have ended up coordinating this informal comm. to see if there is enough
>interest, but I am not a great organizer on such a broad level.  I need a
>job with a narrower focus, so it is imperative that someone else come
>through with a willingness to be the general coordinator if this is going
>to happen.
>Let me know what you can do, and you can forward the name, phone, and
>email address of other Quaker women (or men) you know who are willing to
>help to me,
>so I can add them to our list.  I think this is an exciting opportunity
>for the women of sayma to come together in a meaningful way.
>love and peace, Ellen
>Job Descriptions
>GENERAL COORDINATOR: Responsible for coordinating all components of
>magazine and the timely completion of all.
>Checks in with each job at least one time during the production process;
>and editorial need more contact;
>If unable to reach person in charge of specific job or discover job has
>not been
>done, contact the backup person(s);
>Must be proactive as opposed to reactive; be involved. If materials need
>to be
>transferred between individuals, assists in this process;
>Remain aware of schedule, meetings, etc.;
>Convene and clerk initial and wrap up meetings for the issue of
>also convene and clerk interim meetings if necessary;
>Makes decisions as agreed in prior minutes; confers with backup
>coordinator in
>Assures someone other than self takes and distributes meeting minutes;
>Establishes production schedule for next issue;
>Remains in contact with backup coordinator; reviews decisions with her
>BACKUP GENERAL COORDINATOR: Remains in contact with general coordinator
>and involved in process. Picks up on coordinator tasks as needed.
>MAIL CLERK/GENERAL SECRETARY (these functions have been combined): Picks
>up mail at least twice a week; sorts mail; Gives new subscriptions to
>Treasurer (folder in Meeting House); Written submissions go to Obscurer
>(folder in Meeting House); Art submissions go to the Editorial Committee
>(folder in Meeting House); Responds to correspondence (i.e.: sending back
>issues, etc) or passes correspondence to appropriate person.
>OBSCURER/MATERIALS SECRETARY (these functions have been combined): When
>obscurer receives submission, she sends form letter to submit
>acknowledging receipt; Records all submissions on obscurer's log; Obscures
>all identifying information about authors on submissions; Copies obscured
>submissions; Fills out editorial committee log; Places copied submissions
>and log in editorial committee's folder (original submissions remain with
>obscurer at this point); Once editorial committee makes selections,
>retrieves pieces and log from Obscurer's folder (where they were placed by
>Editorial committee); Gives original submissions to designated typist(s);
>Sends acceptance/rejection/holdover notices;
>Gives database person names and addresses of all accepted submissions;
>If diskettes are to be returned, coordinates with layout person who is to
>do the
>Selects written material to be published;
>Writes editorial;
>Contacts authors (if necessary) for editing of submissions;
>One member designated to select and maintain art library; including
>acceptance and acknowledgment letters and names and addresses of artists
>to data
>base manager;
>Reviews all holdover material each issue;
>Retains holdover material in folda for future review, noting on submitted
>which volume this was originally submitted for (date of original receipt
>editorial committee);
>Places all materials not being held over (i.e: those pieces accepted and
>back in Obscurer's folder.
>Convenes and clerks editorial meeting;
>Oversees coordination and typing of article;
>Receives typed pieces and diskettes from typist(s) for proof;
>Proofreads drafts and returns hard copy with written corrections to
>Confirms submissions and artwork are selected within schedule set by
>Receives corrected pieces from typist(s) and transfers them to Layout
>PROOFREADER: Reviews final proofs, makes corrections as needed; Returns to
>Layout person.
>Maintains the database of subscriptions;
>Receives new subscriptions/renewals/gift subscriptions from the treasurer;
>Enters new/renew/giD subscriptions in the database;
>Researches inquiries about lapsed subscriptions/missing issues;
>Requests that General Secretary send letters regarding problems with
>Requests that General Secretary send missing back issues on problem
>Requests that the Subscription Secretary send acknowledgments of gifts and
>Prints out mailing labels for the quarterly mailing;
>Prints out mailing labels for promotional activities;
>Prepares statistics on current/lapsed/new/renewed subscriptions.
>Select artwork with another person on editorial committee to go with the
> Coordinate with the layout artist (Laura Morey) and go over the art,
>explain what goes with what, discuss layout. (Natalie has the advantage of
>being able to scan all the artwork onto disk, which facilitates things for
>Laura (otherwise she has to go to Kinko's)).
> After about a week, get back with Laura to look at the printed version
>something like galley proofs.
> Pass this printed version to proofreader to go over it for mistakes and
>comments. Upon completion of proofing, retrieve printed version.
> Make sure that the names of people working on the issue are current, as
>well as upcoming issues and deadlines. Return the copy to Laura so she can
>make corrections and take everything to the printer.
> Malce sure she has the necessary information for the printer, such as
>number of copies, when it needs to be done, color of paper and print,
>whether or not to use half tones for photos (the last two decisions I left
>to Laura and Patty), etc.
> Get all the names and addresses of the authors to John Biederman so that
>he can got the mailing labels ready for Mary. I'm still not clear on who
>writes the letters. I know there are forms in the bucket, but I didn't
>write any letters.
> Organize the artwork in the bucket, and make sure the pieces used for
>this issue have labels on the back indicating the issue for which they
>were used
> What do I do with the disks and original submissions after Laura returns
>them to me?
> Get submissions from Obscurer; editorial from editorial committee member
> Key submissions including author name as header and author bio.
> Print hardcopy; save in word processor format.
> Return all hardcopy and originals to editorial coordinator for proof
> If editorial coordinator Ends corrections, make necessary corrections.
>Save a copy of all documents as TXT files at this time.
> Return packet to editorial coordinator.
>Treasurer: responsible for business end of magazine.  May work with a
>finance committee.
>Promotion coordinator: Spreads word about FW and encourages new
>Mailing coordinator: coordinates mailing parties; is current on
>procedures; works with mailing committee which labels, sorts, bundles
>magazines to be delivered to the bulk mail section of the post office
>Publisher: does layout, sizes artwork and photographs, works with printer
>(not clear how this fits with "layout" above)
>Web clerk: create and maintain website for FW.  Maintain info regarding FW
>on other Quaker web pages.

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