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Dear Friends,

Here is an update from Mike Yarrow re correspondence to Washington on
Yugoslavia and Iraq.


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Dear Friends,

The war is not over until the bloodshed has stopped, Yugoslavia has been
reconstructed, the environment has been cleaned up and we find a less
bloody, more comprehensively international way to intervene in future cases
of mass violence.  I hope you all will be organizing delegations to
congresspeople's offices soon.  They will be home on break in the next few
weeks.  One quick and easy step you can take is to find the following
location on the internet and send off e-mail letters to your senators and
representatives.  All you do is click on letter to congress, type in your
zip and it automatically knows your legislators.  You can use the text
below or write your own.

Don't let it slip now!
Mike Yarrow

To: Susan Segall <SSegall at afsc.org>, Mike Yarrow <MnYarrow at afsc.org>,
Joseph Gerson <jgerson at afsc.org>
Subject: Using AFSC email page 

Dear Mike, Susan, Joseph,

The mailer page has been up and running with two letters, one on
Yugoslavia, one on Iraq, I believe a few others sites have links to it, but
not many. CapitolAdvantage seems to have now fixed all the minor bugs.
About 30 different people have sent 55 letters to Congress or the
Administration in the last 2 weeks. 

People will come and use this facility, but only if we get the word out.
You can find it at <http://congress.nw.dc.us/afsc>.


Chris Harris

Here is the sample letter on Yugoslavia.  There is another on Iraq

Preview: We Must Rebuild Yugoslavia  
Representative (or Senator):
Now that a truce has been declared in Yugoslavia, I believe it is time for
the United States to make a firm commitment to world peace. 

1. The UN needs to be funded and organized to be the world peacekeeping
mechanism. Unilateral action by the US or with a compliant regional
military alliance leads to US as world policeman with its attendant costs
in blood, money and distortion of American democratic values.

2. The US and NATO have a moral obligation to finance the rebuilding of
Yugoslavia. It is not acceptable to leave thousands of children to die of
malnutrition and cholera as we have in Iraq because we oppose the leader.

3. "Cruise Missile Humanitarianism" has caused a horrible destruction of
life, infrastructure, the environment and the relations between groups in
Yugoslavia and beyond. We have to develop constructive ways for the
international community to intervene to head off or constrain cases of mass

4. I oppose shifting national budget priorities from human needs at home
and abroad to the military.

It is my belief that the US and NATO have a moral obligation to provide
grants for the reconstruction of all of Yugoslavia, with or without a
Milosevic resignation. The health and well being of the people of
Yugoslavia should not be held hostage to Milosevic's surrender. 

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