Yearly Mtg--slow or no newsletters?

Mary Calhoun moriah at
Thu May 20 14:31:52 JEST 1999


For your Yearly Meeting information--

  Inquiries coming to the SAYMA office report slow delivery of SAF (Southern
Appalachian Friend) newsletters containing yearly meeting registration
materials.  If yours hasn't arrived yet, keep a close watch.  The registrars
are aware of the difficulty.

  If you plan to register, please do it as soon as humanly possible once the
packet is in your hands; it's in everyone's best interest.

  If you have a question about your newsletter, you can contact the SAYMA
office (see below). 

  -->-->All other questions about registration, housing, and meals need to
go to a registrar:  
          Carol Ciscel (who is receiving registrations), cpciscel1 at,
               901-272-9229, 1950 Nelson, Memphis TN 38104
          Carol Spraker, flockoptions at, 423-479-4877

  If you _aren't going to register_  your packet may be useful to someone
still without a SAF; scout around & make a Friendly offer!

  Lack of registration packet may also be because you don't usually get SAF
newsletters.  Packets are part of a newsletter, and are sent to the
newsletter mailing list.  A SAF with registration packet won't come to your
home unless you have a subscription.

  For the benefit of Friends in this situation, some extra SAFs were sent to
the home addresses of meeting and worship group clerks.  Check with yours if
you need a registration packet.

  To get future SAF newsletters, make a request to your meeting.  It's the
meeting's role to arrange the subscription.

Mary Calhoun
Administrative Assistant, SAF Editor
SAYMA  - PO Box 1164  -  Bristol, TN 37621-1164  -  moriah at
Office hours are Tues and Thurs 5:00-7:30 pm  -  540-628-5852 (machine)

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