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> I have received a request from SERO co-clerks Crystal Gaines and Daryl
> Berquist concerning an opening for the position of director of SERO, and
> suggested that the announcement be circulated on the SAYMA  and meetings
> email lists. The announcement is being put on the Atlanta Mtg email list;
> perhaps one in each Meeting can do the same.
> There has been a concern expresssed that few AFSC staff are Quakers; do you
> feel led to inquire about this position?
> courtney siceloff
> We urgently need your help in finding candidates for the regional director's
> position. Because of such a low amount of qualified applicants, we have
> reopened the application process for the position. If you know of any one who
> would be interested, please encourage them to apply. We also ask you to share
> the job announcement with any group of people (i.e. monthly meetings,
> politically comparable social organizations or other religious groups). Thank
> you for your assistance with this announcement .
> American Friends Service Committee 
> Regional  Director
> The Southeastern Region, based in Atlanta Georgia, is seeking a
> new director. The regional director has primary responsibility for the 
> management of the regional office and several remote locations in 
> a nine state area covering NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, TN, VA, MS,  LA. 
> The director is responsible for supervision, oversight of $1 million 
> budget, and implementation of approved policies of the board of 
> Directors. Candidates should have at least 4 years experience in
> management and staff supervision, community organizing, program
> development, implementation and oversight. We seek someone 
> with strong commitment to nonviolence as a means of social
> change. AA/EOE, Women, People of Color, Lesbian, gay and 
> bisexual people, and people with disabilities are encouraged to
> apply. To receive an application please send a resume and cover
> letter to Crystal Gaines, AFSC, 92 Piedmont Avenue, NE, Atlanta
> Georgia, 30303. Telephone (404) 586-0406, Fax (404)525-4728
> Visit us at www.afsc.org. 

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